Website Popularity 6.0

Website Popularity 6.0: Now you can track your site`s popularity on major search directories. Website Popularity is a powerful and easy to use utility that instantly generates reports showing the number of indexed pages your site has on major search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more. You also get instant access to your Page Rank on Alexa, Yahoo and Google plus your ranking on all of the important directories like DMOZ and Google Groups plus your popularity on, and Reddit. Download a free trial copy now.

BlogFaves 1.0: Generate social bookmark icons that link to your blog. Let users promote you.
BlogFaves 1.0

BlogFaves generates social bookmark icons that link to your blog and RSS feed, allowing readers to add your blog to their favorite social bookmarking web services including Technorati,, My Yahoo, My MSN, Google Fusion, Reddit, Furl, and many more. BlogFaves generates the HTML code, which you copy and paste to instantly add social icons to your site. BlogFaves is completely free and easy to use.

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